I Have Something Sweet To Say Dammit And Your Gonna Listen >=-o

Yes I know this may look like a cutsie cutsie group ...but I dont give damn 

So here goes ...I do wish everyone happiness ... 

I go through EP sometimes and there is so much sadness ... anger .. drama .. and I really do wish peace for everyone 

There are some that will argue that some problems are bigger than others ...

However in my mind , everyone's feelings deserve respect and compassion no matter why they feel it ...for reasons big or small 


Now saying this does not make ME a weak link .... I will still kick your a** with my stiletto and make it hurt bad and look good doing it . ..so be happy dammit ...thats it .. thats all I got ...Kitti out !!



softkitti softkitti
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15 Responses Feb 10, 2010

ohh that was the plan little lena darling ...thanks for the comment sweetie =-)

Peace to you too my darling Luv * hands Luv a pink bat * ..go kick lifes a** sweetie ...=-D

LOL, I really like this Kitti. *Peace* to you!

ahh for you red .. I will be a purring kitti cat ..soft and cuddly * hugs * thanks for commenting darling <br />

I like Kitti with attitude!

*giggles* thank you darling Dem *runs to Dem takles her to the ground hugs her and hands her a green party hat and ap<x>pletini * be happy dammit =-D

thank you AK your the best babe ..thanks for the comment =-D

right on jp!<br />
<br />
love the post kitti!<br />
<br />

yayayayay * grabs stars hands and dances in pagan goddess circle ..under the pink glitter * ... I was going to threaten but then I stopped and thought ..maybe threatening people with bodily harm to be happy may not be the way to go ..loololol ..thanks sis =-D

Wooohooooooooo! =D<br />
<br />
*runs to Kitti, sprinkles pink glitter on her and tickles*

yes , very true JP... you are wise oh grass hopper ..*gets in lotus position next to JP and begins meditation * =-D.

ahhh lala your aww means alot darling =-)


*giggles* ..if you cant console ..then we must ..kick some a** happy ..whatever works no? lol =-)

hehe :) nice story! be happy and yeah what u said...dammit -oops did i say that?heh heh