While writing a story I saved a draft of it and saw this statement below the box:

"Experience Project is a community based on authenticity, support, and respect. EP encourages you to post with these values in mind."

I wonder though, how EP can say that this community is based on these 3 things, but only apply that very rule to certain people and or groups and stories? If this is in fact a community based on authenticity........then why are only certain members asked to abide by this encouraged value? Myself and others have written stories simply asking that Epeeps be wary of the blubbering fakes here and mmmhmm get it in their heads that you must always be protecting yourself. But those stories are flagged and taken down when we are doing exactly what the quoted EP value asks of us?

Backwards this place is at times.......and I am ashamed that the powers that be are so 2-faced!!
MegJgeM MegJgeM
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oh yes respect, we must show respect........ to losers, users, and creeps, HUH?<br />
Err.uhhh...define respect.....authentic respect or fake respect? ok, if thats what they want just be respectfull when writing about pondscum.<br />
respectable pondscum, ok, respectable pondscum lets me know the pool needs to be cleaned out to remove all the respectable pondscum,<br />
i think they mean do not be unkind to others on this site, if you need to vent about pondscum, that is authethic and respectful and supportive in itself.<br />
all clear

you mean its not all bubbles and roses and cotten candy????????????????<br />
<br />
My sum total to date is<br />
loser, users, creeps, broke bustouts drowing in debt, fakes, frauds, sociopaths, psychopaths, personality disorderd, narcissists, backstabbers, perverse, lewed, lost, dreamers,drunks, pillheads, those funny ones that PRETEND they are normal, they are scary, like wolves hiding in sheeps clothing or goofy jack in the box people, you open them up and out pops a creepy clown, or snakes in a can people, hurry shut the can!!!!<br />
Wait, you mean we must be authentic, yet we have to lie? And write poems about lalala land?. <br />
Someone was just confused when advising others to be authentic and supportive, clarify, support, support what? Truth? See...... its all in your interpretation.

Wow. I must steer clear of antagonism around EP, or just don't give it the time of day. Although I'm not surprised to hear that it happens. Thanks for the wake-up call, MegJgeM. Good story.

Hello My friend Bassy :-) thanks for your input!

So true. Some people are allowed to spout hatred in every direction and in the lamest comment that I've heard in some time EP support said that it takes more time to take down a story that has more comments. Bullshit ! <br />
I am the webmaster here at my firm and that comment is ridiculous. There are favorites here that get a away with murder and then there seem to be others that can't speak their mind without getting trampled on. It's almost like the Bill Oreilly show at times. Whoever shouts the loudest is right.<br />
Well put Meg.<br />
And oh yea.... Hi ! :)