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my hair is super long and I had 4 inches cut off I was in misery for days... I cried... cutting long beautiful hair has to be a crying mess afterwards. usually when I get in the car I cry...
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Oh god, now dug is calling herself dansor. LOL what a joke!!!

Wat a pratt u are clipperman - mind u prob dont know the diff between men & women LOL

Doug, go away wierdo. I don't have time for you. Right now I am getting off the computer and going to go have some fun with my twl, very feminine and sey short haired hotties.

Disguised scrubbing brushes u mean LOLOL

Sounds like your the weirdo clipperman.. You've got some issues

Apparently he's very normal Dansor LOL - takes all sorts i guess LOL

I'm looking around me and I see two gorgous short haired sexpots. One is my wife and the other is our girlfriend. We are getting ready to play S and M barber shop. What are you playing with that nasty long haired thing that you call your girlfriend Dug? maybe you two will play a game called bore me to death. L.O.L. Buns have never been in style duggie boy. They are for menonite and Amish women.Short and sexy haircuts are for hot chickies who know how to please a man.

I bet its real difficult to tell the men & women apart from a distance LOL

big buns????????????????? L.O.L. your a delusional idiot doug

i dont think so - take a look around

I can give you a cute short cut or let it grow. Everyone makes a mistake. Remember as it grows, keep it trimmed!

I do get a little trim here and there...

That's great. Im glad to hear it. How long is it now?

about 3 inches past my bra strap...

That's a nice length. How long do you want to go?

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Come to me and I will make it quick and painless

No thanks its grown back out now and is so pretty I dont think I'll have short hair again... It is hard to fix sometimes especially since I have neck problems... Its really thick and i cant wear it up in a pony tail long it hurts my kneck...

thats even more of a reason that way you dont have to mess with it and it wont hurt your neck

nah I have worked so hard with creams and conditioners and such I've been growing for about 10 years now...

Do something really unusual.......keep it super long - its easy to chop it all off - i bet it looks gorgeous - keep it long......& maybe post a pic

Just do it once, and feel the great sensation of short hair. believe me i did it

I use to wear short hair and I noticed once my hair grew out some my face didnt look as fat so after that I've kept it long everyone wants to touch it... Its back long now thank goodness...

Long hair sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Short and sexy is where it's at. A nice short cut with buzzed sides and nape look soooo hot for chicks.

No way - long hair & big buns are back in style & always will be