The Doctor Is In

I don't like long hair. It's boring, nearly everyone has it, it's a nuisance to those who insist on having it and, quite frankly, it's in the way during those intimate moments. Short hair on a woman is my personal preference, we all have our likes and dislikes for hair and practically everything else in the world. If we all liked the same things, life would be boring. Without variety, there wouldn't be horse racing.
My long-haired female friends know that I love short hair and, if any of them had any romantic inclinations towards me, would have to lose the locks before having a shot with me. We have an unspoken agreement, they don't make any suggestive comments and neither do I. If we were to, it would go like this: “I would love to go out with you”. “I would love to cut off all of your hair”. End of conversation.
One long-haired friend that I've chatted with for awhile on Facebook is Lisa. We have run into each other a few times in Walmart or at a convenience store but mostly do the, “Hey, how are you”, thing each day on line and don't chat a lot other than that. At first we would talk a lot more but lately we've reduced it to mostly cordial banter, occasionally taking it past the typical daily greeting.
About a month ago I saw her on Facebook and said, “Good morning, Lisa. How are you?”, and instead of the usual, “Fine and you?”, she went into a long narrative about her battle with migraine headaches and how nothing seems to help and how, on this particular day, it was severe.
Ever the opportunist, I told her something that I don't think she wanted to hear. “I may know the cause of your headaches and, although I'm certainly not qualified to diagnose even a hangnail, your problem may be your long hair. I've read several articles about doctors who have told patients to cut off their hair and the headaches disappear”.
“You've been trying to cut my hair for two years, nice try!”, she replied with an LOL. I wasn't going to push the issue, my solution has been recorded in her mind and, as I promised a few times to her over time, I wasn't going to mention cutting her hair again.
The next day I saw she was on Facebook when I logged on and, before I could type the standard morning salutation, the message box from Lisa popped up. “When can you cut off my hair?” I probably don't have to tell you how big my smile grew but I maintained a straight-faced demeanor with her in my response. “Did you do a little research on what I said?”
She replied, “I only had to talk to one person to be convinced, my aunt. I've always known her to have super short hair but never really thought about it because she looks great with it. I told her about your stupid idea of cutting off my hair to get rid of the headaches and she said that's exactly the reason her hair is so short. She said when she was a teenager she was suffering from horrible migraines and her country doctor pulled out a pair of scissors and hacked off her waist length hair right there in his office. Then he told her mom to take her to a barber shop and finish the job. He shaved her head and no more headaches. Her mom let her grow it out a little so it was feminine but it's never been longer than about an inch since”.
I told her that was a fascinating story but in my “are you sure” tone, I said that long hair isn't always the cause of headaches and she should check with her doctor. She said, “Screw that, I'm not having a doctor hack off my hair”. I assured her that doctors probably don't do that anymore. She said she's done with doctors and this is the perfect excuse to get rid of her hair. When I reminded her how much she loved it, she told me she listed the pluses and minuses of having long hair and the pluses were outnumbered 10 to 2.
“When can you cut it off?”, she asked me. I told her anytime that I was in my shop. She asked if I was there now, which I acknowledged, and said she would be there in 20 minutes. I found a stopping point on the project I was working on and got everything ready to cut her hair.
Exactly 20 minutes later she walked in my sign shop door. I had a lot going on that day so, after a little small talk, I told her let's get to it. She got on the stool I use for haircuts and I caped her. I took the brush I asked her to bring and ran it through her waist-long mane for the last time. I stepped in front of her and asked what does she want? Shoulder length? Maybe a little shorter like a bob?
“Shave it all off”, she said confidently. I was taken aback and asked if she was sure. She said what was good enough for her aunt was good enough for her. I knew she would not be happy with the GI Jane look, so I made the suggestion of a longer, soft crewcut with the 1” attachment. And if she wanted to go shorter from there, I can cut it again. She said, “Go for it!”.
I gathered up her hair in a thick ponytail and used the clippers to slice her long mane into my hand. She said it was instant relief losing the weight off her head as she shook it from side to side. I sectioned off her bangs and put the 1” attachment on the clippers and buzzed the rest of her hair. With the ¾:” attachment I tapered in her sides and back and used the little clippers to clean up around her ears and neck. Then I snipped her bangs about mid-forehead. I stepped back and looked at the cut, put the 1” attachment back on and buzzed off her bangs.
It was a perfect haircut for her features and she loved the feel of it as she ran her fingers through her short hair. She looked great and absolutely loved it! I reminded her that I really needed to get back to work and she offered me $20 for my efforts, which I refused. It was my pleasure to cut off her hair and, not knowing if it would help her headaches or not, I would feel guilty if that wasn't the cause of her migraines. She gave me a kiss on the cheek as I put her severed ponytail in a large plastic zip-lock bag to mail to Locks Of Love.
For the next few days she told me in chat that she had mild headaches but none as severe as she would get with her long hair. Within a week the headaches all but disappeared and would only reoccur when stress induced.
The haircut worked for her...whew! And since then two more of her friends who suffered from migraines have come to me to rid them of their long burdensome locks, both enjoying similarly positive results. I have a feeling as word spreads that there may be more “medicinal” long to short haircuts in my future.
I help where I can. :)
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I will help if you shave mine

<p>Locks Of Love - excellent idea! Would be a sin to let all of that hair go to waste.