Wishes Can Come True

I have waist length hair, they are gorgeous, i love them, ...but i also have a haircut fetish, and i always wished for someone to cut them short. Finally I found someone who will fulfill my wish and finally cut them really short,when i decide to do it, no more long hair for me,  i want  short hair, i want to see my gorgeous hair being cut and fallin on me  I wanna hear the sound of the scissors cuttin my hair, and the clippers buzzin me.Im so excited i cant wait, it will be like heaven when my hair is finally cut short,it can't happen soon enough, take a long last look at all this hair, because soon it will be just a memory in pictures...  at last i wont be  defind by my hair. I know it will be a sad day for some....but it will be a great  day for me, wish me  luck,i want ether a real short pixie or a buzz cut...ill decide when the time comes, yes it will  be a big change, but i think its time, and im up for it, there will be no turning back once i decide for sure, the bulk of my hair will be comming off in one clean cut, right below my chin, and the rest will be decided on by my haircutter and me...who knows maybe ill dye whats left blonde
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6 Responses Apr 1, 2013

So much fun

like is said on another post "Maggie won't have anything to hold on two when you two are making love

Haha, great April Fool's story, WM! :) Have a great day...

Believe me when i tell you, if i was ever going to cut my hair, I would have done it long befor now,so what does that tell you ???

u got it APRIL FOOLS !!!! lol


I thought you decided never to cut?? Im really sad.. Your gonna regret it. Once its gone, its GONE! So is doing it for you..? Someone you found online?

Hell, I'll cut your hair! Then a short pixie would look amazing!