Where Is The Rewind Button?

OK, I know we shouldn't live in the past and there are great things on the horizon, and in the here and now too, but honestly, right now, being a mum is so tough. Physically. emotionally. spiritually, and I am doing a lousy job at it. You see my cherub number one is about to turn 14 and she is slowly doing my head in. How can you love someone so much but they make you so exhausted and unhappy too? Where did my laughing, caring, helpful daughter go.? The one that would love to go out with the family, who would rather wear sneakers than minis and hoarded left over peanut butter jars and noodle packets to save the environment, but now has 15 minute showers? I adore her, she and her brother are my pride and joy, but there is so much stress and tears now. And now matter how calm, focussed and cheerful I start the day, it never lasts.

salamanca salamanca
41-45, F
Mar 3, 2010