Nothing Required For God Loves:god I Want U Be With Me Always As A Love Of Mine

I always say this  god is love,love is god  cause everyone talk or think or busy in their life so much no time for gods love we have even me. I think of lover all time how i will meet him etc.,but hell i forget my truest well wisher my lover i already have god pure ,true,love,care,friendship. But in world and in worldly life i m forgetting him and  myself in search of love.
But i  cannot believe i m saying but when we are alone ,torn,helpless,sad.or happy only god is truely with us all time; when we write our hardest exams or faces hardest time in life neiyher parents nor lover comes only god stand for us help us support us in his ways.You can be from any world,earth,planet,religion but for everyone god love them not only their child but also as a lover. Whatever u did wrong in your life when we cry from heart and ask for forgiveness god forgives us.
Sometimes in our daily work, need ,pleasure,happiness forgive him or even praying but god never forgive us as he loves us who so ever we are satan,killer,murderer,bad person,rapist,bad person or any other sinner gods love is conditionaless he never ask or demand for a thanks or sorry or pray or physical love.
As who so ever love comes in life but true is only gods love everlasting and forever ; even a lover or love leaves us after death,or heart broken but not god he comes with us even after death...................oh god make me love u i wish this the first most thing in my life god please make me love u and love me.

trij trij
1 Response Jul 17, 2010

love yourself but never forget gods love...................................