Stunned. Shocked. O.o

I can't believe it! I only just found out for sure just now. Shocking, truly. I was stunned to find out that its true. Gerard's engagement is over! Someone posted on an MCR site a quote by Gerard:

"She was doing more than other band's hair" and he said in a norweigan interview "Actually I'm not engaged anymore. sometimes these things just happen."

I can't believe that she could cheat on him. Grrr...if she didnt love him, she should have ended it the right way. Such a coward's way of saying "I don't want to marry you".

Gerard's been through so much already, and he definitely could'nt not deserve this more! *tears...* I know he is strong and hopeful for the future, but I wish he could have been spared this!

All my love to you G. We are with you to the end!

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2 Responses Jul 15, 2007

Oh My God! That really sucks, he deserves so much better. He doesn't need this on top of everything else. :(

Oh my god!! I had no idea! I knew she was a skanky b**** but i didnt think she would cheat on him!! <br />
Well i didnt understand that he would want to marry someone he has only just got with anyway! I thought he had more sense but i feel so sorry for him to be used like that!!<br />
<br />
He is a good guy n deserves the best not tramps like that!!!