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I remember when I was younger, I thought I would falll in love right away, only at the age of 11 and 12? Boy was I young... young enough to keep learning more... well, all I can say, there's always been cheaters around the world since the Bible days... pretty much. I've met a few boys in my life that Ithought were really cute or nice, but what you really need to be alert for is their personality. And always look at them in the eyes to tell if they're lying to you and kind of keep asking questions about anything recently they've been up to... they'll be like "Oh, just at my mother's house." Mhmm... some excuse that is. "I was taking a walk." Yeah... with your girlfriend? Your NEW girlfriend??" you can never be too careful with your relationship and who he's really going out with. Trust me, I know one of the most painful feelings of being heartbroken. I've had a few relationships and the most recent one I've been through was one of the nicest relationships I've ever had.... boy was he sweet :) were only friends now, but.... I hate the ones where they ALWAYS have the bathroom excuse, when really they're only telling half the truth. "I gotta go to the bathroom" they might say on the first half of their thought "To chat with my new girlfriend on the phone" is probably what they're really saying... "I've gotta go shopping for my mother's birthday." When really they might be going out to go get flowers or a new bra for their new girlfriend. Like I said, some boys now a days, are horny, dirty, and extremely silly in the most foolish, dumbest way to say "I love you" to you when they're actually lying in their hearts about you "I'll never leave you for another girl" What happens later?...You got it, but be thankful that not all boys in the world are like that. A friend told me "Players don't know what they want, but attention, and to see how much trust they can gain inside you. How easy you'll fall for their excuses, you can never be too trusted or careful with the relationships your in."
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Players just want attention and see who will fall for them. I dont like players, honestly. I've been played before and I know what it feels like for a guy to cheat on you right after you and him have each others trust. I'm way more careful now, but it's hard... in my place, "players" are the ones that cheat. The real guys are the ones that treat you the way you're supposed to treat one another, not go out and find some other pretty girl. (i never use the word 'hot' because they aren't temperatures, they're humans.)

Players are smooth and attractive. You have to dig to find a guy who is a good guy. Go out and find a normal guy who is not particularly good at flirting and let him know you are interested. The guys who will come find you are the players so you need to go find the good ones.

Still falling for the players, i just never learn. thank u for this.