Does He Not Understand How Much I Love Him

i have extrememly strong feelings for this guy. in fact, i thought we loved each other. now if you are older and looking at my age, you may be like, oh wow you are too young to know what love is, but im not. love is unconditional, the willigness to do everything and anything from one another, from giving a shoulder to cry on, to jumping in front of a bullet so they can live. when you don't talk for three days and it feels like a gaping hole has been punched through your heart and breathing is difficult. i know love, so dont try to convince me that i dont. anyways, he doesnt have his phone anymore, it got disconnected. i dont think he sees how much i need him and how much i have been crying ever since he told me i was his world yesterday, and saying it may be best if we dont talk anymore........does he not see that i would walk thousands of miles to see him, swim the atlantic to be in his arms, or jump in front of a bullet in hopes that he may live a long and happy life? are my tears worth it?

frostiechicka frostiechicka
13-15, F
Dec 15, 2009