I Dont Know If He Truly Knows

i have gotten to know many interesting people on this site, and i value their friendship immensely. i have had the opportunity to talk to one of my friends and he sees me in a way that noone has before, like a 21 year old woman. he makes me smile, have butterflies in my stomach, and i know when i hear his voice i melt and am weak in the knees.  i know he has no idea about how often i think about him, even when drifting off to sleep! he knows that i like him alot as a friend, yet i'm not sure if its more than that for me and i wish he really knew how i felt about him.

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11 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Well I read this and smiled. There was a great question asked. Do u need to be direct? I sure hope u were or are with him. It sounds like u would match well...

Good luck, babe! Best wishes to you and Wonder Boy : )

i think the first one!

Good question :)

Is he the type of person you need to be direct about things? Or would it be better to tell him your feelings through a metaphor?

you are a great friend!

You are welcome ;)<br />
Let me know how it went!

thank you for the advice :)

Then tell him that you like him a little more than just a friend... there is no harm in it :)

that's soo true! and i'm glad you are one of them :)

its good to have friend's .