I'm Sure He Made A Mistake

October 2007. He was new at school and I had heard stories about him. Apparently he was really ugly and weird. I didn't see him until two days later in gym class. While I was looking at him, I couldn't help thinking, I have a chance with this guy, he's not like all the other guys. So later while we were running around I realized I want to bump into him to have a reason to talk to him. So I smoothly kind of ran into him. Turned out his name was W and he was from the Middle East. I like to think he remembers this as the start as well, but I'm sure he doesn't even remember the moment.

As time went by and we never really talked, I started to realize I had to do more to actually have a chance with W. Turned out my best guy friend T. was his roommate. T. liked my friend C. Like that it would be easy. That's what I thought at least... That was before W. changed for good... I helped T. with C. and T. helped me with W.

But W. started hanging out with different people, started flirting, making out with every girl that came into his vision. But I didn't give up. I started talking to him and slowly he started to realize me again. When T,. told me he actually said he liked me, I was out of this world. We started walking to lunch toegther, waiting for each other after class, just that little stuff made the difference for me. But around me he was shy and I was shy around me. He said it was because I was different from all the other girls..

So when C. started making it clear that she felt more for T. than I knew.. I confronted her with it, and she said she didn't like him like that. After that it all started to go wrong. That friday the four of us were going on a double date. T. and W. were late, but I didn't care. When they arrived W. had a birthday present for me. We went out for pizza and later a movie. When we walked out of the cinema and were waiting to cross the road he said he was cold so we hugged. He put his arm around me. And didn't move until T. did the same to C. and C. shook his arm off. So did W. I guess not to make T. feel bad.

The next monday, he started avoiding me, pretending not see me and I didn't have a clue why. I asked T. and he said it was because he didn't wnat to be with me if T. couldn;t be with C.

We never really talked again. I was too scared and he just didn't. The last day of school, before we were both moving away. I was walking down the stais, he was walking up. We looked at eac other and we both knew. It was too late to save anything. I never saw him again.

about a year later T. told me W. didnt wwant to be in a relationshiop. He wan ted to have fun.  Turned out he did really care about me.. He just wasn;t ready.  

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

I have a friend whose first love changed a lot. They dated for almost 2 years, then she broke it off, and he started doing a lot of stuff totally out of character. It's been more than a year now and she still dreams about him. I haven't experienced the exact same thing, but I know what it feels like to not forget. Be strong, you are still a cool person : )