To Close To Home

I try not to hate this world but anymore people just aren't right.I used to think that it was because i was an outcast u know no life long people that knew me.i was in and out of foster homes&grouphomes untill I was 16 so i didn't have any family every time i turned around its strangers they dont  know me i them.but i love people and im not spoiled or nothing its not like im picky at who i would call my friend.i really would love you just because i found my happiest  most meaningfull moments and people ment something to me.i hought of the old saying treat people the way u want to be treated i have seen alot and thought hard to grow into these values and princibles that are mine.nobody cares as much as i do about them i feel good about them ...u feel good about them no doubt because im like most people least i think i am .and im not  perfect im still growing up but unlike 20 yrs ago im so dissapointed in this sad state of mind .people fast to call u friend but dont u know its not that easy and so many people sadly lack integrity

4blewis 4blewis
36-40, F
Feb 14, 2010