Why Chose Her Over Me?

She is not even pretty inside or out! I wish he liked me. I know I would be way better for him. Even if he don't. He said it was hard 2 chose between her and me. I just fell a little short. :-(

IwannaBher IwannaBher
18-21, F
6 Responses Nov 25, 2006

It is not what we are outside or just inside. How are character is seen from the outside must be what is drawing people to us or away from us.
They say love is blind. Truer words not spoken.

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i've been in your situation and it trully does suck; he chose me first and we were perfectly fine together; but he went back on his decision just for financial reasons. its gonna hurt but move on and realize he just wasnt the one. there is someone out there for you just dont be selfish and try to ruin their relationship because your upset he chose her.

This is rediculous. Have you ever been the girl he chose, the one who knows that there are others girls out there trying to get the man that she cares for. Have you ever been the girl whose love is constantly being belittled by other girls. Wow, A real woman would never chase after a taken man!!!!!!!! She would woman up, deal with it, and go find a man of her own. Get over it. Thats probably why he chose her over you, she probably has some morals and respect for herself and other females. How about you grow up and get some respect for yourself.

Please go easy on her. She's heartbroken after all. She does probably have morals and respect for herself and other women. Her judgement's just probably clouded by love. She's clean as long as she doesn't do anything crazy and bad like sleep with him while he's still with his girlfriend. It's harder than it sounds, this moving on. You wouldn't understand until you've truly truly experienced it. I used to hate those other girls who go for taken boys before as well, until my sweetheart chose someone else over me. I still love him. But I love him enough to let him be. You have no idea how it hurts though...

Wow, I read that and it just totally connected with my life...I hate that feeling so much.