I Want Him Back

chris and i met over 13 years ago. we fell in love and did everything together. we had our troubles, but i felt we were solid. we married and had 2 kids. after the birth of our second daughter, i noticed he was different. it bugged me, and when i discovered that he was a drug addict, my world crumbled.

i didnt know what to do. i left with the kids. i didnt want them in that enviroment and he made it clear that he "didn't have a problem" therefore theres nothing to fix. meth is awful. it will destroy everything in its path. so, we left. i thought he'd see the light and want us back. i was mad at the time, yes. and i said i was done, but in my heart i wasnt. 2 months later, i told him i wanted us to work it out. i was sure he'd want to. i was wrong. he said because i left that meant i didnt take my sickness and health vow seriously. he said i left when he needed me most. i really didnt know id loose his love forever.

that was over 2 years ago. we talk and we try to be civil. he's had a girlfriend, rehab and he's single again (even though were still technically married) i miss him and i know he doesnt want to be with me. he's apart of our kids life, but this isnt right.

what do i do?
taterflakes77 taterflakes77
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1 Response Oct 12, 2011

I am so sorry for you and your hard times. You sound like you are very well level headed and want a husband and a happy life like everyone. Good luck on your journey