The Fairy Tale That Ended

He made things seem like such a fairy tale, granted there was no horse or a happy ending but I loved him....

We use to work together and it was great being able to talk to him and get to know him but as time grew so did we he was fired and I quit but as fate would have it we managed to become closer and decided it was time too see where things would lead to. And even though we walked everywhere things were great. I remember the day he told me to fall back and he caught me and kissed me. I never felt so happy, and it seemed like a fairy tale because things just kept getting better. After staying at his house he would walk me home and kiss me on the cheek and I always blushed. 

Then it seemed that he was changing and becoming mean and my fairy tale was starting to end, but as it turned out it didn't. He was having rapid mood swings is how I would define it. One minute things were horrible and the next they were amazing. Watching movies to stealing his clothes. Laughing about something stupid rapidly turned into an argument about something I shouldn't have done. And we would walk to the market in the rain because he wanted something to eat. And my love grew for him more and more but when I told him I loved him my fairy tale ended....

Things quickly turned into fighting more and more and him telling me he couldn't love me, he couldn't love anyone. But how do you go from having told me you enjoy spending time with me to telling me to leave? How do you go from making passionate love to saying you can't love me?  I asked if he even tried and all he said is that he just can't? We're still friends and at times you would think it was back to square one... I just want to know why he couldn't love me?
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May 24, 2012