Your kids

So, on Friday whilst the kids were stuffing their faces with all the junk food that could lay their hands on, We slipped out of school at lunch( us teachers are allowed!) and went to a cafe a few minutes drive away. We grabbed a table in a quitet corner and you apologised for the other day. You said that you were sorting it, you were moving forwards with divorce proceedings and you were looking for a place closer to town. We ordered coffe and bagels ( my favourite) and you started talking about your kids, their little quirks and the funny things kids come out with. You mentioned that you could only see them once a fortnight now. I could see how much that hurt and how angry it made you. You have worked your butt off for them and for your wife so that they could have all the things you never did. And they just threw it back in your face. I asked you where you were staying until you got a flat sorted, you said a hotel in town which was costing you a fortune. So me being the lovely person and fool that i am, offered you my spare room. After a few minutes of friendly arguing it was decided that you would stay at mine until you got your own place. Then we left the cafe with your arm round my shoulder. Once we got outside you pulled me in to a hug, It wasnt unusual for you to do this, but this one was different, you had one hand resting in the small of my back and the other was lightly stroking the contours of my face. Your eyes lit up as you winked at me and then we slid into your car and drove back to school as if nothing had happened.
Blueskies22 Blueskies22
26-30, F
Sep 11, 2012