I Really Love My Crush

im in grade 7 age is 13 . In one of my subjects class my crush is also studing i think of him so much hes sooo cute, handsome, smart i really like him my frnds also tease me to like him or be his girlfriend... But i think he will never like me.....but once a boy was talking to me in the class tht my crush his name is pavan got sooo angry that he said to the boy " you like her? She looks pretty right thats why you are talking to hes....i know everything"" he said this to him and suddeny stared at me in anger as if he was telling me to stay away from other guys except him....n while looking that i was very happy!!!
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I know how you feel but my crush likes me... I think listen I don't think your too young to love... You can fall in love at any age... But you see I just fell in love he is my first and my only... And I'm 15 I like him because we have so much in common, not his looks, even though he's popular with girls, and he makes me smile but he's not very smart you have to take love seriously... I found that out once I met him we all have one true love somewhere in this world... Tell him your true feelings and if he doesnt feel the same... Then you don't have to give up if love him that much these things take time but don't make him love you... cuz it won't be it wont be a happy relationship k!! Good Luck :)

im not being mean but something just dont seem right or fair either you are younger than your thing says if you are in the 7th grade or schools are just alittle unfair because they told me the cut off age for highschool was 21 that if i didnt hurry i wouldnt get to finish school if you are really 22-25 you got to find someone else you could go to jail and it wouldnt be fair to try to date a child anyways he is a young teen let him be young while he can but if you are about but if you are between 12 and 14 go for it just tell him how you feel like is all about risk if you never tell him then you may miss out on something and you know he atleast cares if he is chaseing other guys away from you