My Not So Perfect Love Story

I met the love of my life in the 8th grade and its been an emotional roller coaster ever since. The only thing that I am sure of from day to day is the love. There is no doubt in this world that we love each other, but I've come to realize love is not enough. Love has to be coupled with commitment, compromise, togetherness, fidelity and so much more. When our realtionship is good, its amazing. We talk like we have the rest of our lives to talk. Kind, loving words pour from him endlessly and I know they're genuine. He looks into my eyes like I'm the center of his world. But when its bad, its horrible. I feel useless, worthless, unloved and unwanted. He can just go days without texting or talking to me with no explanation. He can drop our relationship like its nothing, but we always come back to each other. I just long for the stability that I know our love can create. After our last breakup, I thought there was no more hope for us, but once again through prayer and conversation, we gave it another try. But now, things are rocky again and I don't know what to do. We've both tried to move on in the past but i can honestly say no one has ever made me feel like he makes me feel. He is truly the love of my life and I know that we are meant to be together forever. Maybe I'm writing this not to get advice, but to let someone somewhere out there know that you're not the only one holding on. People so often tell others to let go but anything worth having is worth fighting for and I will continue to fight for my love story until there's no more fighting to do. I pray this prayer every night:
Lord, thank you for all the blessings that you have given me in my life. Thank you for all the people and all the love that you have allowed into my life. I ask you with all my heart and all my soul to bless my relationship. I know that you have brought [person] into my life for a special reason. I also know everyone has struggles and I ask you to give me strength to continue fighting for this precious love. Only you know the changes that need to be made in our hearts. I ask you to touch his/her heart Lord so that they may realize the overwhelming love that is in front of them. Lord I ask you to remove all negative influences and ill-wished towards our realtionship and towards our hearts. Lord I ask you to touch my heart in the way that you see fit so that I may take the course that YOU have ordained for my relationship and take the necessary actions that YOU see fit to change it for the better. Lord I ask that you help us both to take full advantage of the beautiful opportunity to love and be loved. I speak nothing but victory and success over this realtionship Lord and all the things I have spoken, I will consider done. I pray this prayer in your name, the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
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And the chances of that relationship with that 22yr old working is slim to none. #1. She's too young to know what love is. #2. When you have that much of an age difference it's 9 out of 10 sex only and that gets old fast especially with such an age difference. #3. He can never be the father she is looking for, ever! #4. I'll bet she still finds guys her own age attractive, and so he would always be in danger of losing her to a younger man, and that will bring nothing but insecurity and fear into the relationship. #5. It's no mistake he ended up leaving his wife for a younger woman ( what goes around comes around to you but 10 fold of what you delt!) so now he can feel the pain of being left for someone younger because that person feels you have lost your value with age. But in his case the younger girl may be just using him for stability and he uses her to make him feel young and alive again but deep deep inside they both live with the torment that it could never work and they will never be happy because they know nothing good will come out of hurting his wife and children! I pray she will be strong despite the pain these two have caused her and she can move on and be happy anyway. And being happy doesn't always mean being with someone else it sometimes means being happy with yourself and with who u are even when your single. Love yourself and on the optimistic side i have seen more older people finding love and getting remarried than I have seen younger people get married a lot of young people are just having casual sex or shacking until they break up or end the relationship. Older people date and it doesn't seem to take them forever or a lifetime of shacking to see they love this person and want to get married. So long story short, younger women are more likely to find another boyfriend but older women are likely to find husbands. Do the research and you will find this to be true.

You're right that love is not enough to sustain itself. The good thing is that you're young and so your chances of loving again are actually good. Imagine finding this out at 52? My mentor's husband, the father of her children and the only man she'd ever been with, left her for a 22 yr old student of theirs. At her age, she has to accept the fact that her likelihood of finding a new love is very slim.