It's Just Not Fair.

He's with a girl that treats him terribly. She's the reason he has depression and cuts. I hate it. I hate it when she hurts him, but he loves her. He's told me before that he'd rather have me any day, but I fear that's changed. That he'd rather be with her. And it hurts so much. I just wanna show him what he deserves. Prove to him that he should be a girl's world. I don't think he knows he's my world, and that if I could date him, I'd never let another razor touch his skin again. But I can't. He lives 2,057 miles away and is three years older than me (17). All I can do is hope he realizes she's no good for him and that he loves me as much as I love him. That I can make him smile like he makes me smile. That he can't get me out of his head, cause I can't get him out of mine. Oh, how it isn't fair..
Ashlovesmcr Ashlovesmcr
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Aww... Gurl, I feel yo pain! An' dayum, I jus' went ghetto as FAWK! Anyways, yeah, this is something really sad to go through but I hope he comes down to his senses and realizes that that girl isn't right for him. Although, since you live so far away from him, it would be really difficult and it depends on how you met, is it online or what? Trust me, I'd had relationships with people in the USA and I live in Sweden. I'm with you, I support you. By the way, I'm a closeted homo, do you support me? Nevertheless, cutting and stuff is just awful, I have a friend who used to do that.

Yea, it's online. And of course! I have many bi and gay friends! :) And self-harm is very awful. And VERY addicting v.v