My guy friend acts like he likes me when were together, and invites me to do things first and will text me first a lot, but sometimes we go a week or so without talking and he's even blown me off a couple times.

We've hooked up before but definitely don't even half the times we hang out, and he doesn't try..: it's really only happened when were both drunk. I've known him for 6 years and we've both liked each other at different times, but now I feel like I just like him. Why does he take me to do datesy type stuff and then go Mia? We used to hang out all the time and it's always fun when we hang out. So what's the deal?

P.s. He's not a very flirty person either, but he flirts with me constantly and gets jealous/protective when it comes to me with other guys ( example: will grab my waist and pull me close to him when were out and another guy is hitting on me) he also makes it a point to introduce me to all of his friends that I've never met...

But whether he acts like he likes me when we ARE with each other doesn't matter when he doesn't make it a point to be with me as Much as he could... Which is why I'm just so flipping confused, any advice would help!
yoyo2591 yoyo2591
26-30, F
Aug 16, 2014