Why Does This Always Happen to Me?

I don't know if there is something wrong with me or what it is. I was with my first true love for four years, and just one day out of the blue he started acting funny and he ended up telling me that it just wasn't working out and that he didn't love me anymore. I wanted to know how you can just fall out of love with someone after four years of being together. I mean was it something that had to do with me? Was it because of the way I looked or something? And even after we broke up and he had gotten another girlfriend he would call me and he would tell me that he loved me and when I told him that I loved him too he would say no not like that. WTF????? Is there something wrong with me? Will someone ever fall in love with me truely?...

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4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

He was not the one , someone is being made for u , and soon u shall see ... true lov is like a breath u become one , when it happens u will know it no one can run ,, true lov is a gift , just as life is , even a child , try to busy ur self do good things , one day he/she will be in front of u when u least think ..<br />
Sincerely LCW

It's not you, hunnie, it's them. People change and the sad reality is that we can't change that about them. I'm sure that you loved him with everything and to no end, but I have confidence that you WILL find someone who loves you unconditionally just as you do love. That's the problem sometimes when we naturally love unconditionally and are willing to to anything to stay together and our feelings don't change, but then when that is not reciprocate it then we blame ourselves. You are not the person in the wrong, stop blaming yourself. You're a wonderful person and will find someone who treats you as such. My best wishes to you.

Oh wow! I just commented on your last story thinking you were in love with a wonderful guy. Do I feel like a **** now!<br />
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Relationships are really complicated, and no matter how much we may love someone, or think that we know them, there is no way you can really know what is going in inside thier minds.<br />
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All I can say is please don`t feel that this is about you. Because a relationship breaks up or hits a rocky patch, it doesn`t mean that you are a bad or undesirable person.<br />
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We all have an enourmous capacity to love and be loved in return. Unfortunately a lot of people sabotage this gift, both for themselves, and for those that love them.<br />
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I know you are scared and hurting, but I know that if you keep your heart open, and radiate life, that you will find that special love.

No, his just been a jerk. Just be glad you weren't married and divorce. Your young, have fun, find yourself and don't look so much in a guy. Learn about who you are, and what makes you different from any woman. Are you a great cook? a messy keeper, ? an Artist? These are just some of the things you should ask yourself, explore what you know and then learn what you don't. By then some guy will come by and ask you out.