3rd Year

This 2010, will be our 3rd year together.  It all happens on St Paddy's Day 3 years ago... A memorable nite that I will never forget.

I still love him very much till today and I believed I will love him for a very long long time too.  This March may be our last anniversary together..and there is nothing much I can do to change the destiny.  His work contract is finishing in April and it is time for him to hop to where the money is... New job..new country.  It may be Norway...it may be Italy...and both of this country is a day flight away from where we started this lovely relationship.

I could fly 7 hours..I could fly 12 hours....even 17 hours but how long can I keep flying...and how long can he continue to love me from a long distance? From a 2 hours journey back from offshore where he used to come back to me here......to a 7 hours flight for me to fly across to Abu Dhabi just to see him and feel him close again....but after April.... I will be broken hearted once again.  Not that I am a stranger to heartache but that doesn't mean it makes me feel any better knowing he will be going further and further away from where I am..

I see others settling down... living a happy family life....but when I look at mine...I kept wishing I will one day  have a man that loves me completely.  A man that I need not share.... A man that will tell me he loves me and meant it.... A man that I can share and speak to him about anything not having to worry bout how his wife will feel... not having to feel guilty each time I hear him on the phone with his family.

I am human too..I have feelings..and I know I have no rights to love another woman's man......... If I could speak to GOD....I will ask ..why did he arrange such relationship knowing that I am never going to be married to the man I love???  Isn't that so unfair for me....?

Today 15 February 2010..a  day after Valentines day.... a day nearer to see and hold him close again... but is also a day nearer to losing him.

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I'm so sorry honey x