Valintines Boos Hoos

so i been dating this guy  bout a month.. we have known each other yrs threw friends and were always acquaintances ..then  within 3 months, we started hanging out more and more as friends, became instant BBFs .. feelings develop and grow yadda here we were , now dating..  in a relationship/friend thing.  anywayz,  Valentines day, he picks me up for dinner and notices i got him a gift so he says "oh i got u a box of chocolates but i ate them.. hehe! I couldn't help it they were just sitting there!! haha!!""    my thoughts.. are u kidding? is that some cruel joke?   not about the stupid chocolates but his action and reaction..              question... am i over reacting or was that supper insensitive or extremely selfish?  

cyanna cyanna
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

I think that was selfish of him. But, do you think maybe you are moving way ahead of him? You say you're seeing each other more as a relationship/friend thing? I say, slow it down a bit. Don't get your feelings all wrapped up for him until you know he's worth it. Guys think that these type's of relationships don't mean he has to be committed, and really, neither should you, so he probably believes it's OK to date other women. Buying him a gift for Valentine's day was nice of you, but I'm sure it also freaked him out, too. Don't spill your heart out to him all at once....not saying you are) He'll bail if he's not ready for a real relationship. Take it slow. <br />
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Hope that helps you out.