Time Has Blown By..

He's moved on and so have I, However I can't fully seem to let go..
Simplysloan Simplysloan
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2006

Our situation was a little different, He found a jew job and moved away, we didn't just drift apart..PLUS i knew that at some point he'd leave..I just wish he would have allowed me to go with him..I was looking for jobs there, and had a few interviews lined up...He said he didn't think it would be fair, but i was ready to see where our relationship would have gone. I continued to visit him after he'd moved away, and when he was in the state for holidays he'd come and stay with me..Last time saw him was easter..he really hurt my feelings last time i laid eyes on him. Anyway by may or june he'd already moved on with another woman, and further more they were living together.

im in the same situation ... i think it may be just because we were so in love and shared a lot that there will always be some kind of feeling there just not enough to be with eachother