I Know a Guy, Never Dated Him, But Wish to Marry Him Someday (dreamily)

I know this guy.  He is a little older than me and I've known him half my life now.  I've never really dated him, but I do see him (in a class he teaches) once a week.  I used to work for him too for a few years.  He is a nice guy, still single, and never married.  He is cute and everybody wants to be around him.  I sometimes have dreams about him and small fantasies that I keep to myself (until exploiting now on EP).  But I cannot visualize him and I getting married.  I know it will never work.  I don't have the guts to ask him out on a date.  I tried to be flirty with him once but that never worked.  As for now I do see him on a weekly basis (from what I stated above).  I kind of got excited last night because I emailed him and was anxious for his reply.  It does give me butterflies in my stomach just thinking about him.  I know there are other guys that are out there and that can be better.  I have made the effort in looking (with Match.com for example), but the end result is disappointing, no such luck.  I am happy being single for now, but just the thought of attempting to ask him out is driving me wild.  All I can do is hope for the best in someday getting married to the right one.

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hmmm, i'll tell you something.<br />
12 or so years ago my now ex wife came to me and said "marry me or **** off". just like that.<br />
draw your own conclusion from that........