Cut the Sarcasm

my boyfriend of one year, who i adore,,,however is driving me crazy. He has a fabulous sense of humor and a sarcastic way about him that's very funny's getting TIRING!! don't get me wrong, i love to laugh and it really is the best medicine but not all the time. if i have a story to tell him about anything, maybe something that happened to me or anything during my day, he'll make a joke about it or find a way to turn it around and be sarcastic about it.  i've tried to tell him to cut the sarcasm and please just be serious sometimes. i don't want dull and deadpan but come on theres a time and place. i wonder sometimes if i can continue on this relationship because sometimes i dont know what its about. am i his chum or his girlfriend.  hmmm sometimes if i'm havint a problem with one of my kids and i want to bounce an idea off him, he'll be terrific and listen and give a very serious, calm "normal" answer and thats when i really love him, not when hes trying to win the clown award of the year.  don't know how else to bring it up to him.
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2 Responses May 12, 2007

ah see i cant give pratical advice on here cos i mucked the situation up when i was in one like yours. its the chandler bing thing. i empathise.

I was in a relationship once where he was always joking about everything. It was very hard to ever discuss anything serious with him. I loved his sense of humor but like you sometimes I needed him to listen and be serious and he turned everything into a joke. I got to a point where I didn't talk about things with him as much and he noticed this. When he asked what was going on I explained to him why. Believe it or not he got better and started listening to what I had to say.