She Lied

I wish she could feel what she said she did. All those lies about the depression I wish for one day she could feel what its like to walk in my shoes. I don't wish she was raped like she claimed but I do wish for one hour she could feel like I have felt everyday since I was raped. I hate her for lying but most of all I hate what she did to my life. I hate that I fell apart.
randomdriftwood randomdriftwood
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2007

I guess that reminds me of the Tom Petty song -You don't know how it feels. Most of the time we really don't want people to know how we really feel, but sometimes when we are really hurting we want the person to feel our pain and anger. In time you will come to accept whatever happened between you. Remember pain and anger are two way streets. Try to take an honest look at yourself and maybe the truth will set you free. We always learn from our mistakes and there is not love without pain. If life was all sunshine and roses we would never feel the rain.