It Would Be Nice

I love to help people, but sometimes I say the wrong thing or am misunderstood. I wish I could always say the best possible thing to help when that times comes. In intense moments I often do find the correct words, but there are less intense times that people still need help and I don't always get it right at those times.
VincentValentine VincentValentine
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1 Response Jul 24, 2011

I used to have that ability - ish. People would talk to me for hours on end, and we'd end up with the best possible solution, having gained their trust, learned that I don't mean to hurt them it's just the situation they're in is hurtful, etc. I have done that, but no longer: the plan will not be implemented. All we are capable of doing to one another is a slight jolt towards something else, or away from something. The additional hours spent give confidence, happiness, some ability to deal with future problems but that's it. The situation will improve no faster for it. <br />
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Naturally, if you mean instantneous comments, like in a group if someone lets something personal out, something deep and meaningful - then I too would love to be able to say the right thing straight away. Difficile...