The Right Words

Why is it that the right words usually don't come to me at the right time? When I'm trying to comfort someone who is grieving... When I'm standing up for something I deeply believe in ... When someone needs those magical words of encouragement at that all-important moment -- that's when my brain will usually lock up, and I'll find myself spouting cliches: "If there's anything I can do ...", "You'll be fine; it will be fine..."       

 In the tub that night, the right words will come. Or maybe when I'm half-asleep at two a.m.  But not at the time they matter most.

CaliDaydreamer CaliDaydreamer
3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I have had that happen to me to and I just write it down sometimes not all the time,,,because sometimes they really need those words,,,so don't be so hard on your self your spirit will flow more willing if you just let your words come from your heart,,,love and light mary

I could've written this story myself. it sounds just like my thoughts... i think a lot of people would agree.

I have the same dang problem. And, unfortunately I had chosen to blunder on with some cliche's, most embarrassing. <br />
Sometimes what I do is write out "cue cards" index cards beforehand when I am relaxed & write things I would want to say to the grieving family. <br />
If there are a few cards I have written out I will stuff only one into my pocket to be drawn out at a time. Secretly & quickly, I will reread the card so I am prepared. It is like a lift to my spirits when I know just what to say. It is very important to be extremely secretive doing this, I know. But so far so good!