My Top 8

I'm blessed to have met so many genuine people here on EP. I just wish I didn't have to become an EP sponsor to put more than eight people in my top circle. So, to those who are  wondering why you're not on my top, I most likely want you there, you are still dear and close to me ! Eight's a pretty limited number =/  I love my close friends here on EP!!!!!! Hope to continue to keep in contact with ALL of you. xx
allissaxx allissaxx
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5 Responses Jul 14, 2010

yall trust me. i am a member and i agonize over who is in the top twenty! not kidding. so i reserve it for those i am in contact with most often or the ones i need to keep an eye on. so, i can would still want room for more! like yall said...soooo many are so special ♥

Indeed! that is very "disgruntling" worthy lol :)

crazyhippiechick, I know! It disgruntles me at times =(

OMG! I feel the exact same way! I wish I could add like every EP friend to my top..they're all so special

Thanks for the comment, you'll always have a place on my top eight <3