One Day I Will

yes one day i will adopt the orphan babies i really feel sad when i see them i see so many small kids roaming on the streets searching for someone that might love them i really want to kill those parents who leave there babies in the dustbins or near the mosque if they cannot take care of the baby why they give birth i see small girls begging now im not a rich guy to adopt but one day i will adopt any one orphan from america when i come over there i really love american kids i will give them good education i will treat them like my own children i will see to that they should never go hungry i will take care of them in such a way that they should forget there real parents and they should start loving me i wish i could adopt them now itself but i know i cant im helpless but one day i will make my dream come true by adopting them its a promise
Roadguy Roadguy
26-30, M
Sep 14, 2012