I Have Psychical Deseas

 I had a problems, i explain you, i get crisis every 3 or 5 years separated. This is similar than schizophrenia but it's not the same at all. My psychic doctor said me the real deseas is permanent with the real patients schizophrens. For me it's not the case. I take my treatment every days and it's all right since 5 years. The last crisis, i'd get total control without going to hospital. I'd just take more anti-psychotics drugs and i feld all right, the crisis past. I wish i could be a better person just because i'll be so glad to make a girl happy, bring her a true-realy love, taking care of her, have childs with her, fonded a happy familly. I think it's not gonna be done yet... pehaps in a little time of waiting for.

sadlifeman sadlifeman
31-35, M
Feb 23, 2009