The living in the here and now and the joy of just living in that present moment. Not knowing bad stuff that can happen and does happen and will happen!

And as a much as I am now a fully fledged 21st Century adult, enjoying all the mod cons and The Age of Technology, there is definite nostalgia for a more simple and technology free time ....

No computers, computer games, mobile phones, etc, etc.

Just rampaging about the countryside, on bikes and hikes. I think back to space hoppers and pogo sticks and hula hoops!! (well, hell! I am a girl, after all!).

I even have nostalgia for the TV programmes of that times -  thinking Charlie's Angels, The Six Million Dollar Man, Wonder Woman, Starsky and Hutch, Dallas!!

And the hilarious fashions of the time - all part of growing up.

An Age of Innocence .....

liguidgold liguidgold
41-45, F
May 18, 2011