The Good Ol' Days

I often find myself wishing that I was a little kid again... wishing I had the opportunity to go back and make different decisions... to do things over

I know that if I did have that chance, and I did change anything, a lot of things would be different in my life today. And I may not like that... But I might have had a better life, if I could change a few important things that happened... Or reverse some bad decisions I made...

This is one of those things... there is no win win situation...

BeautifulNightmare BeautifulNightmare
22-25, F
1 Response May 4, 2008

I know what you mean. Not only do I want to go back in time to change the mistakes I've made. It was just so much easier being a kid. Nothing to worry about. No bills to pay, kids to take care of. Just playin out side being carefree.