American Apathy Is Worse Than 9/11 Ever Could Be!

Did you know that more than TEN TIMES as many people--human beings, living breathing human beings--die in the USA each year from lack of affordable heath care, then died on 9-11?

Okay, most of these people were poor---elderly and the physically and mentally disabled, unemployed and underemployed, single mom's with kids, single women with no other means of support...human beings, American cititzens, real live people that just wanted a chance to survive,  and that had dreams and hope, loved and were loved, ate, slept and had a life just like--or similar to, you and me---Grannies and the middleaged, the disabled, the homeless, the jobless, mothers and fathers and siblings.

And yet, they die.

Why? Because democracy is worthless when the nation is ruled by a military-corporate strategy and overrun with extreme capitalism. Because too many Americans--despite false bullshit about "united we stand"---have the mentality, "I have mine, to hell with everyone else." In a nation of full of right-wing religious fanatics, why the hell do so many Americans die for lack of health care?

Why are these right-wing Christians---who praise Jesus--and hate, absolutely hate--anyone who goes against their beliefs (despite this being a "free" nation)--who tout anti-abortion mantra--but then turn deaf and dumb and the massive suffering going on in their own states---why are they allowing this to happen? Because of apathy--if you ignore it, it doesn't exist, right? Jesus supposedly was against greed and capitalism and materialism--but these so-called "Christians" who claim to be followers of Jesus, say, "I'm not paying for it!" Riiiiight. It's okay for your government to bomb the hell out of innocent women and children in a false advertised war---but, spend a single dollar to keep an elderly woman or a mentally ill man alive? Nahhh.

And you wonder why I want the hell out of this insane, morally lazy, greed-mongering nation?


Here's a quote from someone in the UK, who had just learned of the extreme expense--and the turning away of patients, in the American medical health system. Here's what this person had to say about her system:

"We don't have to pay for anything like that here.  In fact the only things we pay for is prescriptions - about £6.50 per item and eye examinations about £12.  Oh, and dental work, and even that is free if you're receiving social security benefits.  Everyone who needs the care of a doctor or nurse or other medical professional, gets it for free.  No one gets turned away here."

American blat---without obtaining any actual FACTS mind--about the low quality of health care in countries with a national health system--but the fact is, the REALITY is: That folks in the UK are in fact, healthier than us, despite their diet and NHS! The same with people in the Netherlands and several other European Industrialized nations.

The ONLY reason we don't have NHS here--apathy and greed and inhumanity towards our own neighbors. We can relate to people dying in Africa--but if they are Americans, basically, many spit on their own countrymen---why? Image. Extreme capitalism. Capitalism is great--but not when it's gone overboard and over the top...and it started doing that back in the mid to late 1970's.

I'm serious! We buy into the image of what the ideal American should be on TV, in magazines, political and religious propaganda---and ignore our own hearts and our own common sense. Americans don't see, because they don't want to see.

Essentially, caring takes courage and effort. Not caring, not dealing with reality, with the human factor--not truly seeing the massive suffering going on in our own country--and I'm not talking thousands--I'm talking MILLIONS. Nearly 50 million have no health care, and hundreds of thousands are turned away from health care here in the so-called "richest" nation in the world--every year. Yet...American men and women suffer...and, if that's not bad enough, men and women frequently, to pay steep medical costs, have to give up all pleasures, their homes, even EATING properly---why? For no other reason  their fellow Americans are selfish, narrow-minded prigs who have no clue what being a truly "united" nation means--who prefer material selfishness to human compassion. They prefer to dwell in the relative safety of apathy and moral laziness--and don't want to display the courage to care--because they prefer to maintain they easy illusion that all is well in this country.

What I am saying is very real, too real--and it is FACT. I'm not making this up, this it true--and these, again, are real people--they're retirees, and single women and single mom's, farmers, the underemployed (low wage workers) and people who can't find jobs, the physically and mentally disabled...human beings.

I've written congress a number of times---asked my doctor why he didn't support NHS (simple answer: money)...what are YOU doing?

Caring takes courage---not caring takes...nothing. A major crisis is looming in health care, and America is ill-prepared (as in doing virtually nothing) for it.

 Americans can choose to be heroes, and fight for NHS---or they can be zero's, and do NOTHING.

Most are choosing to do nothing--and quite frankly, that sickens me. It sickens me to death, hearing mindless, souless Americans chant "God bless America!" And all the while all the rest of us suffer greatly, in total oblivion. We do not fit the American image. We are no longer human. And I don't want to live in a country that has that attitude. It's nothing less than diseased.

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it beats how anybody can afford to live in the u.s frankly when one illness can put you on the street doesnt anybody care plus the drugs the crime frankly apathetic attitude of americans does enybody do anything but stuff themselves with food

this is true but sad!

true. every word. thanks for speaking up. maybe it'll inspire a few folks to write their congressmen. hope so. personally, i'm strongly considering moving the minute i graduate college.

An american friend of mine was visiting in the U.K. for a week, got food poisoning her british friends walked her into a hospital, she was treated and released -NO CHARGE!

even with it's flaws, there are still many more attributes and freedoms than any other country on this planet. you have every right to think and voice how you feel. i respect that right and agree with some of it. however, ask anyone in any country in the world where they would live if they had the choice. they would all say the USA, in spite of out crime, in spite of the ignorance of some groups of people. no matter what our flaws, this nation is ordained of God and will stand. maybe by a thread, but it will stand as long as people such as yourself fight to change what is flawed. but don't tell me Americans are apathetic. maybe as a group that's true regarding some important issues. but individually? there is no more giving, generous and benevolent people in this world than those who live in the USA. instead of condemning it for it's flaws, work on changing those flaws and praise it for it's freedoms and grace. i love this country in spite of many things that need changing. i have ancesters who died for our freedom. i owe them my respect and loyalty. they shall have it and my children's children will learn it at their parents knee. instead of hollering, pray for us. it worked for us before, hasn't it?

"there are still many more attributes and freedoms than any other country on this planet"

In a word, no. In two words, hell no. For example some countries actually let adults make adult decisions about what substances to ingest. And many nations don't have an equivalent to the USA Patriot Act. Any government that can
*tap your phone without a warrant
*read your snail mail before it gets to you without a warrant
*intercept your e-mail without a warrant
*demand to see your medical records without a warrant
*go to your library and demand to know what library books you've checked out then bar the librarian from ever telling you
*and on the whim of some bureaucrat in Washington who has never met you designate you as an "enemy combatant", kidnap you in the middle of the night, whisk you away to some C.I.A. dungeon to be tortured, er, sorry, "robustly interrogated" to death or left to rot in a dog kennel in 110-degree heat in Gitmo, all without any shred of due process...

is not a government of a country that is free in any sense of the word.

I feel your pain, a modern empire is stumbling.

There are a lot of horrible things in your story. Things that I know are very much true. Things that make me just as upset. But what can people do? How can I as a person help? What can you do to help? I want things to be better. And I can tell that you do to...

How did we go from "love thy neighbor" to "looking out for #1"?<br />
What do you think will be the result of the "go green" and "eating healthy" trends. One is beneficial for the environment and the other should reduce health risks. Would a NHS have any influence on making food more healthy or cleaner environment?