Never Happy On the Inside

I smile and laugh with everyone, but on the inside I am never happy enough. I don't feel that I am good enough, smart enough, skinny enough....etc.

My husband is home and I am happy at first, then I get depressed because he is here all the time....he leaves for work and then I am depressed because he is gone.

I wish I could just figure out what is wrong with me and what, if anything, would truly make me happy.

simplyme simplyme
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2007

we are so alike it's scary...<br />
i know how you feel <br />
you feel fake. <br />
i was told to go to a counselor D:

Are you depressed or is it bipolar?

Hmmm, I wouldn't know. It is best to seek advice from people who know you better. Or a professional.