Fallen From Another Planet, Or So It Seems...

well hello readers, i guess i picked this forum "I Wish I Could Be Happy With Myself" because this is the thought in my mind it seems everyday since i was old enough to tie my shoes.  Diagnosed with Autism as a baby, then given away at a young age by my own family, grew up in the system, didn't mature like everyone else around me.  Well there's tons of stuff I could say, share but you all have lives and well i need a better computer chair.  I usually put a fake smile on my face when friends and family are near, but secretly i guess i have thoughts of why am i here, and why am i always at the back of the line.  At least I don't have vices that would make things worst, its just insane sometimes to handle my days at home, alone while my boyfriend is at work, and my kids live elsewhere. So far i cope tho, not insane yet.  not sure what else to say.  All in all i wish i could be happy with myself, One Day...
embrissa embrissa
41-45, F
1 Response Apr 12, 2007

I feel this way too sometimes. make the decision to BE happy. it's hard. i know. but you CAN do it. <br />