my life

There is so much that has gone on in my life. The whole situation that i am in is very hard for me now. Ok when i was in the 8th grade my parents decided to get a divorce so around my birthday they split up, but they always went back to eachother after that. Finally the beginning of my freshman year they made it official. Only like a month later my mom already got with another guy. I hated her for that so i lived with my dad and it was just us 2. I liked that cause me and my dads relationship got better. The only thing was he was a super bad alcoholic which caused him and my mom to split anyway. So sometimes when the bar would close he would come to my room and wake me in the middle of the night and just cry it wasnt his idea to split up it was her. I could never imagine how he felt or how bad that pain was, it was something he couldnt handle so he would just drink to forget but it never could get his mind of it. Listen to whiskey lullaby by brad paisley it pretty much explains my dad except for the killing him self part well actually yeah he did kinda kill himself he knew he was sick but he never ever would stop drinking. My dad soon stopped eating and just drinking all the time from the time he woke tell he passed out and he was drinking heavy liquor Lewis and Clark Vodka half of gallons. I had to move from him cause it was getting bad then he went to florida to work. Around my birthday he came back. He left in november. So my mom and her new guy broke up and like a month later she got with another guy. My mom and dad both went to work in florida for FEMA haha. So when she got back in may she was with another guy and would always leave us and go see him. Me and her would get into huge fights like fist fights over him. My dad was to unstabel so he lived with my grandpa and grandma My mom start bringing her man around and he was nice at first (he didnt show his true colors) We got along with him most of the time but the next year when i was sophmore he start messing with my mom. He asked her if her and his ex wife wanted to share him and he was going back between his ex and my mom and he cheated on his ex with my mom. So she was getting messed with to. She was beginning to go crazy and she left me alone at my house we lived at for 2 weeks. She took him back and let him move in with us. So one day i hated being there and all i wanted to do was go hang out with my cousin brittany. Brittany came and got me and a couple of my friends and my mom said to be home at 11 well i dis obeyed and stayed with my cousin brittany that night. The next day i got home and she kicked me out and i didnt have anywhere to go she could care less if i was on the street or not. So the next couple i was panicing on where i was gonna stay that day i was going back and fourth between my friend melissas and my grandpas. She would choose him over us all the time. So that summer i stayed with my dad that summer. I moved to missoula the 11th grade year and all that stuff with my dad went on he was sick from december to march. Around the time that my dad was sick my mom was still with this stupid guy but they broke up for like a month and she told she wasnt ever getting back with him and she did then she said that he wasnt gonna move in with us and he did. So i hate it at our house cause him and his family came and took everthing over and to me its seems like they are trying to erase my dad. They fight pretty much every other day. We live in a 3 bedroom house and it was just gonna be me my mom my 2 sisters sndmy brother but he moved and his 2 daughters so its hell. I hate it here and i hate him and im angry at my mom. He trys to act like my 2 younger sibblings dad. Oh and since my dad passed away my mom gets social security and she shares it with him and that comes from my dad.

tediburns tediburns
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2009