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Several years ago, I guess approx. 9, I joined an on-line dating service.  I emailed this woman and we chatted and one day talked and decided to meet.  We met at a resturant/bar and had a drink, we both hit it off and I asked her back to my cottage on the lake.  She followed me in her car and we arrived in about 5 mins. from the Resturant.  We talked for a while on my porch and I shared with her that I enjoy being naked as much as possible.  I asked her if I could get naked and she said sure.  I took off my clothes in the bedroom and walked back onto my porch.  Her eyes were on me looking me up and down, she said that I looked very nice and said that I have a nice big penis.  I was alittle shocked, but said thanks.  After she said that I started to get hard and was trying to think of other things so I wouldn't be walking around with a hard-on.  I asked her if she wanted a drink, got her one and one for myself.  We talked and talked and laughed and talked, after an hour or so, she asked me if she could use the bathroom, I showed her where it was and then went back on the porch.  When she walked out, my mouth dropped, she was fully nude. She said I hope you don't mind, I felt funny being in my clothes and you were naked.  I had an instant hard-on and she said again, nice penis!  It looks big and beautiful!  I told her that she looked great naked and had a beautiful body.  We both had another drink and when I went to get her an ashtray, my penis hit her hand.  I said "I didn't mean to do that", she said no problem and held it in her hand for several seconds and then let go.  She said she really didn't want to go any further then us being nude on our first date.  I said I completely understand.  I could not keep my eyes off of her beautiful bare feet.  I told her that I had a foot fetish and she thought that was cool.  She said she loves it when guys look at her feet.  She wears toe rings and had them painted a beautiful red.  After several hours had passed, I got enough nerve to ask her if I could ********.  She saw that I had a hard-on for sometime and she said sure.  She didn't mind me jacking in front of her and I was looking at her body and feet.  I shot a big load in a matter of seconds, and it was all over my hardwood floor.  I cleaned it up and she said it turned her on watching me.  She then said it was getting late and went back into the bathroom to put her clothes on.  When she walked back out on to the porch, she stepped in a spot that I must have missed.  She said look at my foot with all your ***** on it.  It really turned me on seeing that, we laughed and I got a towel to clean it off her foot.  That was a surprise first date..wish they were all like that !! I love women that don't mind being naked, wish more were out there like that.
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A girl gave me her phone number via a friend of hers, and through text messaging, I convinced her to meet me in the buff. I got a hotel room, and got naked, and she arrived afterward, disrobing in the bathroom around the corner (I tried to reassure her that while strange, it'd be an experience she'd never forget). A minute or two later, we stepped out around our respective corners, and met in person for the first time! It was pretty thrilling, for sure. We sat around with a couple drinks, and had normal first date conversation, just in the nude. I'd do it again.

NIce date - are you stil in touch?

Nice story. Don't keep us in suspense, though ... Has anything developed between you & her? Sure seemed like a promising start.

nice one turned me on. I had a similar experience but it didnt stop where it did for u. It was my cousin who had come on a vacation with her mom. They all left for shopping leaving me and my cousin who was 16 at that time and i was 15. she loved swimming and we both were in the pool nude and we started playing and splashing water all over. Suddenly she caught hold of my pennis which was already hard.