I sometimes think my emotions are a separate entity with a mind of their own.  They creep up on me when I least expect it.  

I had such a happy morning, just doing chores around the house and messing and cuddling with my dogs.  Mugs of tea and toast and half watching some silly sports programme on TV.  

I just thought I'd log on to EP for a while just to check-in and see what was going on, as usual.  I got caught up with a story which touched a nerve and started to compose a comment.  I got so upset that within a minute or so I was in flood of tears, totally hooked into the emotion of the situation I was commenting on.  Suddenly I felt stupid and hopeless, whereas only minutes before I had been in great form.

Is it being a woman?  I wonder sometimes what it is that causes such changes in mood from one moment to the next.  I can cry and become inconsolable in seconds it seems.  

I would never want to be without emotion of course, it's what makes us human after all.  But I just wish I could keep a hold on myself a little more.  I never used to be like this, I was much more stable and secure.  I'm OK again now, normal service resumed, talking about it does help of course. 

Thank you for listening!

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thanks sylph ... not sure about pure and immaculate!! but I do try (honestly!). I've no wish to be stone cold either!! Promise I won't bawl!! lol

Awww, Bliss...*hugs*<br />
You are just a very caring and sensitive person, "pure and immaculate"...remember this phrase? When there is cloudiness of impurity, it tears your heart...and so you feel for it and cry. I rather have you like this than stone cold. <br />
<br />
Just don't bawl, okay?...........LOL

I hear you pollydoll ... happens to me too.

thanks kctiger ... hormones certainly do have their part to play, that's for sure!!

It could be female Hormones, but it this the way you've always been, then it's probably just a part of you, if you can handle and it doesn't effect your daily activities, But if you think it becomes a problem, then that's when you should talk to your doctor about a anti-depressant, it can control your emotions so you won't cry at the drop of a hat. Sometimes after a death of a loved one, a traumatic experience,break up or something like that. You might just need some help to get by and then later you will be fine. This time of year with all the snow and cold weather, doesn't help.<br />
Today it's sunny here, I hope your in the sun shine wherever you are today and hope you feel much better, you can always talk to me dear, It may help when you get this way to call a friend or family member, that can cheer you up. Love and best wishes!!!

Yes, being hard hearted is not something I'd aim for LadyA, you are right.

you are welcome jadin ... hugs hon!! you've been there for me too!

Thanks myonis. I am pretty good at switching off when I have to and I agree with the deep breath and pause thing, it's very effective. It's just that I am feeling a bit raw right now and the story I was reading just struck a chord with me and caught me unawares really. I'll be OK, I really don't let it drag me down and I am generally an upbeat, optimistic person. Just a little vulnerable occasionally and it trips me up!!

You are certainly not alone in this. You feel your emotions at a deep level, and that is a gift as long as you don't allow it to pull you under. I think it's not necessarily that we're female, I think it's how we learned to process our emotions from a very young age combined with memories of our experiences, i. e., "triggers" and as you said, with what's going on in our lives at the present. I've learned to do the "Pause...Breathe" thing. It really helps. If I'm on EP and get a strong reaction I either move on, go vent to a close friend in my circle (lucky them :/) or I log off for a bit.

hugs polly.

thank you nunu ... you are very kind.

This shows you are so pure from your heart.Now a days people give **** to others pain but seems you are not amoung those..And yeah this makes a true humanbeing understanding and feeling pain of others...

Thank you Sappy. As ever, you hit the nail on the head!! It seems that I have become more emotional in the last six months or so and will cry at the drop of a hat! To be fair to myself, I do know that I have a lot going on so it's probably not surprising. I am happy being me too, but I just get a bit frustrated with myself now and again!

You know Blissy, this happens to me often. While I may wish I wasn't so emotional at times, I know it's that same sensitivity which made me into the woman I am. Since I've always been the emotional type, I can't say it's new to me. What is new is I just accept it as part of who I am and I'm happy being me.

I suspect it is a girl thing LV ... thanks for commenting.

I am so sorry to hear that a story upset you so much.<br />
<br />
I can't speak for men, but I absolutely feel this way sometimes<br />
<br />
It could be a woman thing!