Spell Check

spell check dont let my mispelling just rain on ur day.

 theres other its all good iam dylixica thats why i mispell

so dont hate me cause i cant spell


lunnas lunnas
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5 Responses Feb 28, 2009

the grammar natzis think it will

will the world end if spell check isnt on coments hey <br />
take a breath nothings gona ever be perfect

especailly when i have posted comments like the above on several grammar natzi stories calling for misspellers heads posted it in one ore more stories about improving EP <br />
<br />
and what do we get a challenges section add your pets adopt virtual pets and a rating system for story commets that apparently takes them out of viewing if they get X # of negative ratings <br />
<br />
EP got distacted w/ whatever the **** was going on in the confession section and we STILL have no spell check for comments, goup titles or group descritption which i'm sorry but is a funedental part of maaking the site function

it stinks dont it

and that is why i keep begging ep for spell check in group titles and group decriptions but it falls on deaf ears