There Was Once...

today i cried for the first time since we came back here. the tears were for you. from the unnecessary fights... for once, i wish i could cry all the pain out... i don't know how much i cried but it was a lot... you were not there to see... even if you do, i'll be blamed for making scenes and causing you unnecessary headaches and embarrassment. is that so... why are you still with me and i am still with you? why did you bother to give me the "one path choice" which i have chosen that is to be with you... why did you say yes to the things i asked you from if even now you can't handle my imperfections... only two weeks then we are back... i prefer to cry in front of strangers.... they won't approach me. sometimes i just shut my eyes and wished someone is there to give me a hug and say, "it's going to be alright..."
LovelessAdvocate LovelessAdvocate
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

thank you so much... it's 3 am here in my place... but my eyes wont let me sleep.... so does my heart

*gives you a hug*