i hate my life. my children are grown and gone. married to a man i didnt love,tried to love and dont matter what i do its never enough. i keep the house spotless. never no dirty clothes except whats on his back. a hot cooked meal waiting for him when he gets home. i try to mange the money the best i can. he makes about 1500.00 a month. keeps 500.00 of it himself.250.00 car payment. pay the electric,phone and satalite.i dont have any thing to wear and im not exaggerating. no good furniture. not a car. i stay home except for every two weeks go to store. costantly caling me ugly. fatass , *****, *****, ****.and god knows im 52 yrs old.if i didnt want o go to hell id kill myself. i dont know what to do.
carniemarie carniemarie
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

I am sorry for you... Do you have family you could go to? If he will not change - what choice do you have but to flee. Do not live in misery - find someone tolove you!