I dont know why but the girl that lives across the streethas three kids, oh yeah she likes to play, but she sure don't know how to raise them. I can not tell you how many times i want to walk over and ask her to sign them over to me i can promise they would be raised correctly.

I know as kids we where loud and played hard but if we once went around screaming or starting the chaos these kids do either my mom, god mom, aunt, uncle, or my older cousin would have put a fast end to it.

I dont blame the kids the parents are the idiots that sit back and let there kids run around like animals. All children need is guidance.
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I hope you could do a very good job on them to behave. Wonder, how would you correct them because it seems that those kids never found out what parental discipline really should mean.

I would use prior experience from rasing a child already. Time out, losing toys or privlages, and spanking as a last resort

Yes, I can see you've got a very good experience and maybe a lot of. . . . . . . . patience!
What I mean is that it is very difficult to start to raise older child who never knew what parental discipline is.

So true but i have been in all three of thier lives from the begining and they listen better to me because they know i wont take the bad behavior. I watched them last week for my friend there grandma and they acted up a little specialy the middle one but one time in time out and the loss of his ball stopped the bad behavior. I laughed when he complained to his grandma because her answer to his complaints shocked him. She looked him in the eye and said "you are very lucky she did not give you a spaning." With that he ran to his mom who was glairing at me for being there. She dont know how to raise kids because she still acts like one

wow, bugs the hell out of me how BAD some parents are at interacting with their children; all they do is scream at them and stuff!

Yeah i know i raised a girl who is 19 now and even as a teen i had a better relationship and was better at it than most