Brat At Church

There is a little 7 year old girl who this morning at church would just NOT stop talking out loud all morning. Her mother clearly told her to be quiet several times. I wanted to so badly to take the girl by her ear, out of the church, downstairs, and warm her bare little backside.

Any of my kids would have been spanked the first time they made noise after I told them to be quiet. Except it they know better than to disrupt church.

I sincerely hope her mother at least spanked her when they got home.
MichelleAnneWaters MichelleAnneWaters
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with me she would be taken a private room where pants would be lowered and spanked until crying with sore red warmed bottom!!!!

if it possible i always spank near to misbehaviour so child knows what spanking is for and that shouting at church not acceptable

Churches need a specific place, like one of the classrooms, where parents can take children for a talk and/or spanking. Sometimes parents need to be reassured it is acceptable to discipline in (semi)public and having a specific room does that.

Many formal churches have what's called a "quiet room." Meaning, what goes on inside is barely audible outside the room. It's purpose is for confidential conversations. - I'll just leave your mind to wander.

Oh, now, don't be shy, Kelly. How do you know about the quiet room at church? Surely a nice, well behaved girl like you never visited one ;-)

Michelle, I've wanted to do the same more than once. Not only at church, but at other places in public, as well.

Like yourself, I've also always been strict with mine in regards to behavior at church. It is not only disrespectful to the pastor, but the other parishioners, as well. They will get one warning to behave, but if that is not enough, then we take a trip downstairs.


Exactly right.

She was talking during church again today... I really think I should maybe invite her mother to a "mothers" group and try to subtly let her know that she can discipline her daughter at church.


Is the mother and her daughter new parishioners? I think that is a good idea, invite her to your "Mothers" group at church and make her feel welcome.

We have done the same when we've gotten new members in the congregation. We've never directly approached the new member and said they can discipline (spank) at church, but the topic of spanking is something that usually comes up in conversation on occasion with our group of mothers (fortunately many of us believe in spanking at our church) and so the new member(s) are let known subtlety through us just having conversation that it's ok they can do so, as well.


That's a shame spanking is so looked down upon at your church, but I can understand with how it is in our current times. In the area I live, even though spanking is not favored overall, fortunately many do spank in our church, and I am not the only mom who has taken one of hers outside of the service for a much needed discussion.


That's interesting in that it's a normal topic of conversation. At my church - or anywhere for that matter, it was never spoken about until someone broke the ice about it's use, and always in passing. Then it seemed like parents would eagerly join in the conversation, almost pridefully relieved.

I do have to say, for the sake of fairness, that she was much better behaved this week. Hopefully, that is because she was disciplined after church last week and learned a lesson.

My mom would have just had to mention quietly what was in store for me when we got home! Many of those delayed spankings were the worst! I had the misery of anticipation and mom had the time to plan in her head how she was going to turn my bottom purple!

it can be very frustrating seeing kids behave badly i wish some times i could tell the mother to get a grip and teach the child to behave

That's what I would have got and have!

My mom took me out of the service to turn me over her knee more than once over the years. It sucked walking back into the sanctuary with teary eyes, a sniffling nose, and rubbing your hot stinging bottom. Everyone knew you just got spanked

I would have given the girl one warning before quietly escorting her out for a talk in the nearest restroom or area with privacy. I'm sure she would behave better upon returning to the sanctuary, although she would be squirming on the hard wooden church pew.

Sounds to me that child is spoiled and probably does what she wants with no consquences.