Stores Screamers

I'm trying not to be a crabby old lady, but....These screaming kids in stores and resturants have got to go!! 

The echoing of the shrill screams through the isles grate on your nerves.  Those loud ear piercing screams are still echoing in my head, hours later.

The crier kids..Because the pickle is on their hamburger and they don't like pickles.  Even if the pickle is taken off, kid still screams and cry cause they still taste pickle.

Oh and today at McDonalds...Across the isle from me....Kid was playing with toy and mom took toy away so kid would eat.  The child, who was at least 7-8...Started screaming and bouncing up and down on the bench.

I recently wrote in a response to an EP story..."I Wonder If You Think Spanking Children Is Wrong".  I commented that I believe in a quick swat on the behind is acceptable. That's what I got as a kid and that's what I did to my daughter.

But, these screaming kids need to be taken out back behind the shed and have a real good talkin' to!! Oh...And maybe their parents should be out there behind the shed getting taught some manners too!!

I will now get off my bandwagon....And smile of the memories of my daughter and now my 3 grandchildren having temper tantrums in stores and restaurants. They were quickly ushered out to the car and remained there until they could behave!

PeedeeDog PeedeeDog
1 Response Aug 22, 2008

I gotten to where i just tell them and thier parents the problem needs to be taken care of or I'll take care of it for them.