Walmart Kids..maury

i really wanna break out a fan belt and beat the hell outta a disrespectful child-bull$hit. How can you have something, feed it, dress it guide it;basically take care of it better than yourself-and it disrespects you? I think NOT. the stupid would come outta me.

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That's what I mean by having to figure out what someone's currency is. What hurts the most? It's not always a beating. Your mother figured out what yours was. I figured out what my kids was. I spanked my kids sometimes, it didn't work. As long as you're not abusing your children, I guess you do whatever works.

LOL LOL LOL . <br />
I'm far from angry. Simply justifying my comment. I'm not ashamed nor embarassed by what happened. I did something bad, got a spanking-didn't do it again. As I got older, mom took my phone ONCE. 2 hrs later she gave it back! no lesson was learned, and i did wrong and got my way. In my book, grounding means nothing.

Lost, you seem very angry. Was it the beatings?

mzdivine-<br />
i abslutely agree. you'll learn much quicker by getting your *** popped, than taking away useless junk that really don't mean much anyways

FrancescaMarie<br />
thanks for the comment. i was not raised by being "grounded". or having a "talking to". I've had my phone taken away, but it was given back within a day-and there was no lesson learned. My thoughts on being grounded, and punishment etc. i would have my ways of punishment, and you would yours.

Once upon a time we had no computers,mobile telephones,<br />
<br />
video games, M.P.3's! <br />
<br />
A clip over the backside sufficed!<br />
<br />
I can still feel it...It stopped me in my tracks over 40years ago!

I don't think you have to beat children to make them mind you. Sure a swat on the behind works sometimes, but more often than not all they need to know is that when you say something you mean it. You need to hit them where it hurts and to me that means taking away something they really like---TV, friends, computer time, etc. Find out what their currency is, make the punishment fit the crime and when you say you're going to do something, do it.

i agree. seems like the child has more authority than the parent. <br />
<br />
my motto: beat the hell outta 'em. and PLEASE let me find out somebody reported me.

Once upon a time in a world so much happier<br />
<br />
A parent could clip a child over the ear <br />
<br />
or a slap with the backhand on the rear!<br />
<br />
Never hurt me, I learnt my lesson!