Hmm, maybe I should not even be in this experience, as I actually have disciplined other people´s kids a few time.
That is if my sister´s kids count in that respect.
But anyway, now I am here as I sympathize with the title!
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How did your sister's kids react? Was your approach different from what they were used to?


I'm not a parent but I see some of the kids at school their so spoiled and they feel entitled their parents don't ever say anything to them they fear mine cause at my home we have rules. They won't dare pull that stuff at my parents homes. yet at the same time their parents complain to our why their kids don't listen. I'm not saying they have to hit them I'm just saying parents shouldn't let their kids run wild. I try not to get into trouble not just cause of the spanking I will definitely get but because it would be disrespectful to my parents.

Hi I read your reply with interest,

I am 34 and had to move home again and live under Mom's rule. Which means spankings again.

You must be very naughty for mom to have to spank you at your age or you want the spankings which is it?

I guess naughty

some of the kids i see i wish i could give the mothers a good spanking and the kids they both deserve one

I agree with you totally I can't believe how many parents let their kids get away with anything the mom should be spanked and then the kids to show around to bring up respectful children

i look after blocks of flats and the parents dont want the kids running around in the flat so they chuck them into the corridors to play so they draw on the walls and drop litter all over the place the parents have no respect so it rubs of on the kids and they will grow up the same its just a chain

I agree with ub

thanks nice *** by the way

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have you ever thought of working at a reform school or taking up baby sitting?

Are you offering me a job? Lol

Message me. lol