Hogwarts School Of Witches And Wizardy

I'm teaching potions and spells 101 next semester...I expect a lot from Harry Potter Jr.  Mischief managed. POOF!  
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You're in EvesHarvest..oh..nice christmas avatar today.. Nothing like Christmas magic. very festive indeed

Sign me up! I've been wanting to take that class for a while!

Ok..spell check at Hogwarts is,<br />
' Correcto Finito!' <br />
Sorry Robert.No Spells for winning the lottery. There is a secret spell but forbidden in the Muggle world. Apparently Muggles can't handle filthy richness. Sports figures blew it for the rest of us :>(

Will you dock points for spelling and grammar in my homework? My teachers in muggle school gave up on ever teaching me to spell correctly...wait. This is Hogwarts we're talking about. The whole point is learning to SPELL!!!

Can ya mix me up a potion to win the lottery. : )

I believe Felix Felicious should do the job!